• Film Faced Plywood

    Film Faced Plywood

    Plywood mainly covers birch plywood, hardwood plywood and poplar plywood, and it can fit into panels for many formwork systems, for example, steel frame formwork system, single side formwork system, timber beam formwork system, steel props formwork system, scaffolding formwork system, etc… It is economic and practical for construction concrete pouring.

    LG plywood is the plywood product that is laminated by an impregnated film of plain phenolic resin manufactured to many kinds of size and thickness to meet the strict requirements of international standards.

  • PP Hollow Plastic Board

    PP Hollow Plastic Board

    PP hollow building formwork adopts imported high performance engineering resin as the base material, adding chemical additives such as toughening, strengthening, weather proof, anti-aging, and fire proof, etc.

  • Plastic Faced Plywood

    Plastic Faced Plywood

    Plastic faced plywood is a high quality coated wall lining panel for end users where a good looking surface material is need. It is an ideal decorative material for the various needs of the transport and construction industries.

  • Tie Rod

    Tie Rod

    Formwork tie rod performs as the most important member in tie rod system, fastening formwork panels. Usually used together with wing nut, waler plate, water stop, etc. Also it is enbeded in concrete used as lost part.

  • Wing Nut

    Wing Nut

    The Flanged Wing Nut is available in different diameters. With a larger pedestal, it allows a direct load bearing on walings.
    It can be screwed on or loosened using a hexagon wrench, thread bar or hammer.