H20 Timber Beam Column Formwork

Short Description:

The timber beam column formwork is mainly used for casting columns, and its structure and connecting way are quite similar to that of wall formwork.

Product Detail

Product Details

The timber beam column formwork is mainly used for casting columns, and its structure and connecting way are quite similar to that of wall formwork. High flexibility with only a few main components can meet any construction requirements, such as timber beam H20, steel waling, plywood and clamp etc.

Material Q235 Steel, Timber Beam, Plywood      
Color Customized Or Yellow,Blue,Brown
Size Universal Forming

Technical Specification

Max. permissable pressure is 80kN/m2.

Easy to take any fresh concrete pressure by adjusting layout space between H20 and walers.

Max.Cross section is 1.0mx1.0m without in-through tie rod.

Flexible adjustment to fit different column dimension.

1 (2)
1 (3)
11 (2)

Timber beam adjustable column formwork

The adjustable column formwork enables concrete casting of square or rectangular columns within a specific range by adjusting the size of the formwork section area. The adjustment is realized by changing the relative position of the walers.

There are three specifications for the walers of adjustable column formwork, which can do concrete casting of square or rectangular columns with side length of 200-1400mm. Sizes of column to be casted as follows:

Length of waler (m)

Scope of side length of column to be casted (m)

1.6 and 1.9

1.0 ~ 1.4

1.6 and 1.3

0.6 ~ 1.0

1.3 and 0.9

0.2 ~ 0.6

It can be adjusted to any cross-section size within the allowable range, both square and rectangular. The schematic diagram of adjustment is as follows:

Wall diagonal brace

The timber beam wall column formwork needs to be equipped with a spindle strut, which is used as an adjusting system as shown in the figure:


Our Service

Provide support in every stage of projects

1. Provide cosult when client take part in projects bid invitation.

2. Provide optimized formwork tender solution to assitant client to win the project.

3. Developing formwork design, refining initial plan, and exploring relation limit between supply&demand.

4. Start to design the formwork detailedly according to the winning bidding.

5. Provide economic formwork solution package and provide continous on-site support service.


1. Generally, the total net weight of loaded container is 22 tons to 26 tons, which need be confirmed before loading.
2. Different packages are used for different products:
---bundles: timber beam, steel props, tie rod, etc.
---pallet: small parts will be put in bags and then on pallets.
---wooden cases: it is available on customer's request.
---bulk: some irregular goods will be loaded in bulk in container.


1. Production: For full container, normally we need 20-30 days after receive customer's down payment.
2. Transportation: It depends on the destination charge port.
3. Negotiation is needed for special requirements. 

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