R & D and design

What are your R & D personnel? What qualifications do you have?

Lianggong design dept has more than 20 engineers. They all have more than 5 years experience in formwork system.

What is your product development idea?

Lianggong is committed to the optimization of the scheme design, to provide customers with the best and most simple design and quotation.

What is the design principle of your products?

We will calculate the capacity to ensure the safety and convenience.

Can you bring the logo of your customers?


How often do you update your products?

Lianggong researches the new products to satisfy our customer.

What are the differences of your products among peers?

Lianggong products can bear more capacity and easier assembly.

What are the specific materials of your products?

Lianggong has many different materials. Steel, wooden, plastic, aluminum and etc.

How long does it take to develop your mould?

The design of the drawing will take about 2-3 days and the production will take about 15~30 days, different products require different production times.


What certification has your company passed?

CE, ISO and etc.

Which customers have your company passed the factory inspection?

Lianggong has many customers all over the world, such as Middle-east, Europe, South-east of Asia and etc.

What kind of security does your product need?

We enhance the quality of products to ensure the safety of construction.


What is your purchasing system like?

We have a professional purchasing department which can ensure the quality of raw materials.

What is the supplier standard of your company?

Lianggong will purchase raw materials in strict accordance with international standards


How long does your mold work normally?

Most of our products are made of steel, so it can use more than 5 years. Routine maintenance ensures that the product does not rust.

What is your production process?

Start production after receiving the advance payment.

How long is the normal delivery time of your products?

Our production time is generally 15-30 days, the specific time depends on the product specifications and quantity.

Is there a minimum order quantity for your products?

Lianggong hasn’t the MOQ in the most of products.

How large is your company?

We have more than 500 employees in Lianggong.

Quality Control

What is your quality process?

Lianggong has the strict quality inspection to ensure the quality of Lianggong products.


How long is the service life of your products?

The steel products can use more than 5years.

What are the specific categories of your company's products?

We have the all formwork system can be applied to different solutions. For example, our products can be used in Bridge, building, tank,  Tunnel, Dam, LNG and etc.

Payment Method

What are your acceptable terms of payment?


Marketing and Brand

What people and markets are your products suitable for?

Lianggong products are suitable for Highway, Railway, Bridges Construction.

Does your company have its own brand?

Lianggong has own brand, we have all over the world customers.

Which countries and regions have your products been exported to?

Middle-east, South-east of Asia, Europe and etc.

Do your products have cost-effective advantages? What are they?

Lianggong can supply the shopping drawing and assembly drawing for our customers and arrange our engineers to help on site when necessary.

What are your main market areas?

Middle-east, South-east of Asia, Europe and etc.

What are the channels through which your company develops customers?

Lianggong have own website, we also have MIC, Ali and etc.

Do you have your own brand?


Will your company participate in the exhibition? What are they

Yes. IndoBuildTech Expo, Dubai Big 5 exhibition and etc.

Personal Interaction

What are your office hours?

Lianggong work time is from 8am to 5pm. By the way, other time we also will use whatsapp and wechat, so we will reply you quickly if you inquiry us.


What are the instructions for the use of your products?

If you are the first time to use Lianggong products, we will arrange engineers to help you in your site. If you are familiar to our products, we will provide the detailed shopping drawing and assembly drawing to help you.

How does your company provide after-sale service? Are there any offices or warehouses abroad?

Lianggong has professional after-sale team to deal with all kinds of customer problems. Lianggong has branch in Indonesia, UAE and Kuwait. We also have a store in UAE.

What online communication tools do you have?

You can contact with us by wechat, whatsapp, facebook, linkin and etc.

Company and Team

What is the specific development history of your company?

In 2009, Jiangsu Lianggong Architecture Template Co., Ltd. was established in Nanjing.

In 2010, Yancheng Lianggong Formwork Co., Ltd. was established and entered the overseas market.

In 2012, the company has become an industry benchmark, and many brands have formed strategic partnerships with our company.

In 2017, with the expansion of overseas market business, Yancheng Lianggong Trading Company Co., Ltd. and Indonesia Lianggong Branch were established.

In 2021, we will continue to move forward with great burden and set a benchmark in the industry.

How do your products rank in the industry?

Lianggong has become an industry benchmark, and many brands have formed strategic partnerships with our company.

What is the nature of your company?

Manufacturer and trading company.