Steel Formwork

  • Customized Steel Formwork

    Customized Steel Formwork

    Steel formwork is fabricated from steel face plate with built-in ribs and flanges in regular modules. Flanges have punched holes at certain intervals for clamp assembly.
    Steel formwork is strong and durable, therefore can be reused many times in construction. It is easy to assemble and erect. With fixed shape and structure, it is extremely suitable to apply to the construction for which much quantity of same-shaped structure is required, e.g. high rise building, road, bridge etc.

  • Precast Steel Formwork

    Precast Steel Formwork

    Precast girder formwork has advantages of high-precision, simple structure, retractile, easy-demoulding and simple operation. It can be hoisted or dragged to casting site integrally, and demoulded integrally or piecemeal after concrete achieving the strength, then pull out the inner mould from the girder. It is handy installing and debugging, low labor intensity, and high efficient.