Bracket System

  • Single Side Bracket Formwork

    Single Side Bracket Formwork

    Single-side bracket is a formwork system for concrete casting of single-side wall, characterized by its universal components, easy construction and simple and quick operation. Since there is no wall-through tie rod, the wall body after casting is completely water-proof. It has been widely applied to the outer wall of basement, sewage treatment plant, subway and road& bridge side slope protection.

  • Cantilever Form Traveller

    Cantilever Form Traveller

    Cantilever Form Traveller is the main equipment in the cantilever construction, which can be divided into truss type, cable-stayed type, steel type and mixed type according to the structure. According to concrete cantilever construction process requirements and design drawings of Form Traveller,compare the various form of Form Traveller characteristics,weight, the type of steel , construction technology etc., Cradle design principles: light weight, simple structure,strong and stable ,easy assembly and dis-assembly forward , strong re-usability ,the force after deformation characteristics, and plenty of space under the Form Traveller , large construction jobs surface, conducive to steel formwork construction operations.

  • Cantilever Climbing Formwork

    Cantilever Climbing Formwork

    The cantilever climbing formwork, CB-180 and CB-240, are mainly used for large-area concrete pouring, such as for dams, piers, anchors, retaining walls, tunnels and basements. The lateral pressure of concrete is borne by anchors and wall-through tie rods, so that no other reinforcement is needed for the formwork. It is featured by its simple and quick operation, wide range adjustment for one-off casting height, smooth concrete surface, and economy and durability.

  • Protection Screen and Unloading Platform

    Protection Screen and Unloading Platform

    Protection screen is a safety system in the construction of high-rise buildings. The system consists of rails and hydraulic lifting system and is able to climb by itself without crane.

  • Hydraulic Auto Climbing Formwork

    Hydraulic Auto Climbing Formwork

    The hydraulic auto-climbing formwork system (ACS) is a wall-attached self-climbing formwork system, which is powered by its own hydraulic lifting system. The formwork system (ACS) includes a hydraulic cylinder, an upper and lower commutator, which can switch the lifting power on the main bracket or climbing rail.