• Hydraulic Tunnel Linning Trolley

    Hydraulic Tunnel Linning Trolley

    Designed and developed by our own company, hydraulic tunnel lining trolley is an ideal system for formwork lining of railway and highway tunnels.

  • Wet Spraying Machine

    Wet Spraying Machine

    Engine and motor dual power system, fully hydraulic drive. Use electric power to work, reduce exhaust emissions and noise pollution, and reduce construction costs; chassis power can be used for emergency actions, and all actions can be operated from the chassis power switch. Strong applicability, convenient operation, simple maintenance and high safety.

  • Pipe Gallery Trolley

    Pipe Gallery Trolley

    Pipe gallery trolley is a tunnel built underground in a city, integrating various engineeringpipe gallerys such as electric power, telecommunication, gas, heat and water supply and drainage system. There is special inspection port, lifting port and monitoring system, and planning, design, construction and management for the whole system have been consolidated and implemented.

  • Arch Installation Car

    Arch Installation Car

    The arch installation vehicle is composed of the automobile chassis, front and rear outriggers, sub-frame, sliding table, mechanical arm, working platform, manipulator, auxiliary arm, hydraulic hoist, etc.

  • Rock Drill

    Rock Drill

    In recent years, as construction units attach great importance to project safety, quality, and construction period, traditional drilling and excavation methods have been unable to meet construction requirements.

  • Waterproof Board and Rebar Work Trolley

    Waterproof Board and Rebar Work Trolley

    Waterproof board/Rebar work trolley is important processes in tunnel operations. At present, manual work with simple benches is commonly used, with low mechanization and many drawbacks.

  • Tunnel Formwork

    Tunnel Formwork

    Tunnel formwork is a kind of combined type formwork, which combines the formwork of cast-in-place wall and the formwork of cast-in-place floor on the basis of the construction of large formwork, so as to support the formwork once, tie the steel bar once, and pour the wall and formwork into shape once at the same time. Because of the extra shape of this formwork is like a rectangular tunnel, it is called tunnel formwork.