LIANGGONG Hydraulic Auto-climbing Formwork

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The hydraulic auto-climbing system is first choice for super high-rise building shear wall, frame structure core tube, giant column and cast-in-place reinforced concrete construction of high-rise buildings such as bridge piers, cable support towers and dams.

It mainly consists of four parts: formwork system, anchor system, hydraulic system and bracket system. Its power comes from its own hydraulic jacking system.

The anchor system includes anchor plate, high strength tie rod and climbing cone.

The hydraulic system includes a hydraulic oil cylinder, a power unit and an up-and-down commutator. Through the conversion of up-and-down commutator, the lifting rail or the lifting bracket can be controlled, and the mutual climbing between the bracket and the guide rail is realized, so that the hydraulic auto-climbing formwork can climb steadily upward. This formwork system doesn’t require other lifting device during the construction, and the operation is convenient, the climbing speed is fast, and the safety coefficient is high.

The bracket system includes suspended platform, hydraulic operating platform, main platform, formwork platform and top platform

Main functions of each platform

1.Suspended platform: used for removing hanging seat, climbing cone and modifying wall surface.

2.Hydraulic operating platform: used to operate the hydraulic system, so as to lift the guide rail and the bracket.

3.Main platform: used to adjust the formwork, enter or exit the formwork.

4.Formwork platform: used to install formwork pull-push rod.

5.Top platform: used for pouring concrete,tying steel bars and stacking that load is not exceed design requirements.

Post time: Mar-06-2021