Application of Steel Formwork

LIANGGNOG company has rich design experience and manufacturing technology for steel formwork which is widely used in bridge formwork, cantilever forming traveler, tunnel trolley, high-speed rail formwork, subway formwork, girder beam and so on.

The application scope of concrete steel formwork, steel structure with its advantages of beautiful appearance and high safety, is more and more applied to the construction of bridges and houses, especially in the limited conditions and large span

In this case, only steel structure can be considered. Steel structure is characterized by light weight, high strength, and has the advantages of compression and tension. Compared with reinforced concrete structure, the appearance of steel structure is better More intuitive, higher strength level.

Economic advantages

For long span and heavy load overpass, steel structure can save 2 / 5 of the dead weight. As the self weight is reduced, the construction and installation and material costs are saved, and the foundation cost is reduced. And the steel structure is made of stainless steel

The amount of material used is also less than that of concrete. This greatly saves costs.

Superior processing and learning performance

Compared with concrete structure, steel structure has stronger strength, so it is used in long-span and high load buildings. The plastic property of steel structure is better, and it is good at absorbing various external static loads

Load, without sudden deformation. Moreover, steel has unique advantages in dynamic design because of its toughness.

The design is simple and the calculation is feasible

Because the production of steel raw materials better control the production quality, so that the material properties of steel structure are close to uniform, so there is little difference between the simulation results and the actual situation. Under design

Empirical formula or simulation software can be widely used in the calculation the settlement results are more credible.

Short construction period and high degree of industrialization

Due to the wide application of steel structure, all kinds of required profiles can be quickly bought in the market, and the steel structure manufacturers have a high degree of specialization, and the machining accuracy and quality control have reached a very high level

Level. Due to the light weight of the steel structure, it is convenient for transportation. Its simple installation form is suitable for mechanized installation, which can reduce the construction period. And the steel structure is bolted or welded

It is easy to disassemble and install, and can be reused continuously. Compared with other structures of concrete, it has incomparable advantages.

Steel Formwork for Column

Steel formwork combined used with auto-climbing formwork for pier

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Steel formwork for Tunnel 

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